Monday, October 5, 2009


so yes im posting one post after anther but this thought has been head a lot lately and as the ups guy dropped off a package it came to my head again. Isn't funny or interesting how smells can trigger so many memories or people its so crazy. The man who just dropped off a package at my work was wearing the same after shave or something michael used to wear and wow all these memories of him just it was so crazy! And the other day i smealt a lotion that i wore when i started air school and everytime I smell i think me and those 8 girls bumping it out in that little class room. I love this time of year cause I feel like the holidays evoke this a lot . The cool crisp fall air. Pupkin pie, cider, hot coco, cinnamin! I so dearly love it and love going to the store and smelling. Even at halloween the costume aile at the store has a certain smell, bad memories i hated that aile as a chile it smelled and i hated all the scary mask I probably cried down that aile till i was 14 im not lie! well enjoy smell especially these seasonal one cause before you know they will be gone!

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