Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally done!

Wow! okay so um my last post was when i moved to St. George , now im home ! In nevada and im finally done with cosometology school hooray my new goal is to try to blog every sunday or at least twice a month cause eight months now thats sad sad sad. I am way excited to be home and be done but now im way way nervous that I m not gonna find the jobs I need or if I do , I will completely hate them both. ugh my goal is two have both those jobs by September , that would be a great birthday present to myself, two great jobs, one in the cosmotology field and one just part time while I build a clientel. Oh boy is moving fun just kidding its really not I hate moving in the summer , and for some reason i have happened too move for three summers now seriously hottest thing of my life seriously , kill. Luckily my plan is to not move now for at least a year and half now , feels good feels really good. Well off to organize my mess of room!