Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crystal Palace Skating Center

Ok so if you grew up in Las Vegas I know you had to have been hear at least once in elementry for family skating night or a birthday party. Or maybe middle school because someones mom still thought it was cool. Haha yes those where the days that sweating like a pig and falling on flat on your back or but was cool. So of course what is a better idea to have for a single activity roller skating!!! When i first heard that , I was like seriously here they go again, taking anther five year old activity to get us to communicate with the opposite sex or in this case take out , with your enitire body. So then as your both flat on your back in agonizing pain, you for some reason laugh your head off cause your realize how much of an uncoordinated idiot you really are! So some how out of my better judgement I decided to join this rediculous activity with my friends Kortni and Rebecca. As we picked Kortni up Scott said have a nice try haha, little did she later know that she would end up with more than she barged for seriously Kortni learn when to say no. So get there and I guess it was Christian night , o joy so there was a trillion people there. And of course you need cash , so we make our way to the local seven eleven in getto town. Oh and also its 5 extra dollars if you want roller blades and you need a photo idea seriously! So of course we opt. for the cheaper verison even if they do look ten times more ridiculous, but really who cares plenty of people dressed up for the occasion. Tube socks and all. Geeze , can anything be more gross than any form of rental shoes bowling, roller skates , ice skates, seriously I knew I should brought my fabreeze. So we were off to the rink yeah Kortni's friend who some how always finds her found her so Rebecca and I where to ourselves , who was it much harder than i remember and tiring as well gosh we got discussting. Running into every other person grabbing on to any soul that looked sturdy. Then we ran into Rebbecca friend Joey seriously i swear she knew like all the people there. haha and i knew about five half which i really i wish i didnt know. So then they are clear the rink we were all confused it was only 8 and this crazy thing was supposed to go till 10. ANd then the slow music came over the loud speaker, "couple skating"! Seriously , probably the most dreaded words at any Mormon church activity. Yeah you thought the awkwardness stopped after 14 I think not. The rink was empty for like 5 minutes then one couple goes then joeys like becca morgan come on beccas like nah.. I was like fine with me if i didnt go with him id probably end up with some sad weirdo like Kortni or doing the thing that all of us to best bring one of the girls out there with us which sometimes looks more awkward. It was fun even if I did fall flat on my butt! Becca laughed so hard .... And i never get her back for that. I fell serveral more times... One time I thought I was gonna kill this girl bonnie she fell right in front of me, and since as you know im not the most coordinated i thought she was pretty much doomed i really thought i was gonna squish her head with my skate. oo and i did a push cart race as well , it really burns your thigh being bent down even if you are being pushed, and guess what i was one of the few who didn't fall. It was fun Kortni even got a date out of it haha not one that she really wanted but she got her try right. Afterward we went back to seven eleven and got Slurpees yay and a found out that that my head light was out joy more money to spend ugh. but i glad i went it was a joyful experience!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The big 21

So this year wasnt way big cause my birthday was a fast sunday lame! i mean just kidding! Any ways . All I really did was eat! Haha Friday night Rebecca took me to olive garden and cheese ncake factory can i just say yum yum! Then sunday my family was naughty and took me to pf changs and my mom got me nothing bundt cake double yum! And guess wat i got a new camera yes! and now i can start puttin pictures up yeah! ANd new running shoes along with a water bottle belt yeah! And microdermabrasion treatments ! YEAH NO MORE SCARES!Say wat you will but I am a cosmetologist so do know a little about the skin and i think they are great! And ps finally got to wear my new beautiful shoes on Sunday can i just say obbsessesd!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Half marathon

So i have wanted to run one for year now and ever person whigs out on me that has wanted to . So finally I got Rebecca to start training with me . Haha never tell your too athletic parents that you want to something that they have done a thousand times never. My mom has become crazy women. I run regularly now but only like one to three miles a day. So this week start our first official week of trainig, so we had to run 4 miles yesterday it was not half as bad as rebecca and i expected! Even if it was mostly down hill haha. My feet did go numb cause my shoes are too small. I didnt know that for longer distances your shoes are supposed to be a size to a size and a half bigger than your regular size. So im gonna be need some new shoes . I am excited to get in better shape! I really have come to love running, it really is one of the best feeelings ever so freeing! I hope that all doesnt change come December!