Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The big 21

So this year wasnt way big cause my birthday was a fast sunday lame! i mean just kidding! Any ways . All I really did was eat! Haha Friday night Rebecca took me to olive garden and cheese ncake factory can i just say yum yum! Then sunday my family was naughty and took me to pf changs and my mom got me nothing bundt cake double yum! And guess wat i got a new camera yes! and now i can start puttin pictures up yeah! ANd new running shoes along with a water bottle belt yeah! And microdermabrasion treatments ! YEAH NO MORE SCARES!Say wat you will but I am a cosmetologist so do know a little about the skin and i think they are great! And ps finally got to wear my new beautiful shoes on Sunday can i just say obbsessesd!

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Nikki said...

ahhhh i didn't even wish you a happy birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! love you girl... happy 21 :)