Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Job finally!

So I know I suck and never put picture up but i haven't been as good as i used to be about taking picture but Becca and my pumpkin party is Friday so there willfor sure be some up no matter how crappy we look! Haha Any ways I finally have a job horray! I will only be assiting and not for the same people as i thought but it is still exciting I can finally start moving and get these next eleven months to pass by even faster! I feel bad though, cause the fired the other assitant ugh that could me so im guess i need to be really on my toes the next few months, and be happy and nice to customers , cause that is apparently why they fired her. I start thursday I am so nervous I hope i do everything right!

Monday, October 5, 2009


so yes im posting one post after anther but this thought has been head a lot lately and as the ups guy dropped off a package it came to my head again. Isn't funny or interesting how smells can trigger so many memories or people its so crazy. The man who just dropped off a package at my work was wearing the same after shave or something michael used to wear and wow all these memories of him just it was so crazy! And the other day i smealt a lotion that i wore when i started air school and everytime I smell i think me and those 8 girls bumping it out in that little class room. I love this time of year cause I feel like the holidays evoke this a lot . The cool crisp fall air. Pupkin pie, cider, hot coco, cinnamin! I so dearly love it and love going to the store and smelling. Even at halloween the costume aile at the store has a certain smell, bad memories i hated that aile as a chile it smelled and i hated all the scary mask I probably cried down that aile till i was 14 im not lie! well enjoy smell especially these seasonal one cause before you know they will be gone!

oh running why do you hate me lately

So as i posted before Rebecca and i are training for a half marathon in December. Its like seven weeks away and i cant believe it! We went from running like 6 miles a week to this week running 23. Things have been going pretty good for us for a while it was fun it hurt a little but we felt over all pretty good afterwards. Well this past week has ben a complete nightmar! And not that i have never worked out hard before I have been playing very competative sports my whole life and have had work out were I have suffered days later but this past week seriously kill me. Not olny have my shins been feeling like the are gonna bleed but saturday was our first 8 mile run! We though it would be great go run then watch conference which we had recoreded. Boy were we wrong! we normally go running around 5:30 but it has gotton colder and its saturday so we decided to go a bit later so we went at like 7:40 ps we did not eat before horrible stupid idea. So first of all my shins felt like blood should be gushing out of them pain pain! Second it felt like my somache was trying to eat my insides and i was going to vomit yuck worst run of my entire life!