Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Job finally!

So I know I suck and never put picture up but i haven't been as good as i used to be about taking picture but Becca and my pumpkin party is Friday so there willfor sure be some up no matter how crappy we look! Haha Any ways I finally have a job horray! I will only be assiting and not for the same people as i thought but it is still exciting I can finally start moving and get these next eleven months to pass by even faster! I feel bad though, cause the fired the other assitant ugh that could me so im guess i need to be really on my toes the next few months, and be happy and nice to customers , cause that is apparently why they fired her. I start thursday I am so nervous I hope i do everything right!

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Tuttles said...

hey i see you found my blog too... i hope all is well. you look really cute btw