Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cute pic of Michael!

wow its been almost two months

So its been almost been two months. Wow and a lot has happened. Michael has been gone for about two and a half months now crazy. And now is officially in Chile . Well that is what we think. So Since I am now in Vegas and am temperarally out school. I was just going to spend the whole day with Michaels family and he was gonna get to call twice;). Or so we thought . He did not get to call from Salt lake because he was way to busy and lets just talk about texas. Michael was supposed to get to call Texas and his mom and I were all excited cause he had a three hour lay over.;) SO he calls from Texas and his mom picks up the phone. I looked so desperate that she gave me the phone. This is all a got hear Hi sweetheart, how are you just alright. Um I think my flight is canceled. So he hung up. His flight was canceled ugh and no more calls for us although we did wait desparately.For like three hours:( No word from the boy yet just a stupid email from his stupid Chilian mission president. We will hopefully see tommorow:)