Friday, August 28, 2009

starting new

So lets just say its been a long while since i wrote , yeah i suck at this so making my self promise to try and write once a week in here lets see how that goes down! haha So life as all new for me now yes , im back home finally geese it feels good. I just wish i could freaking hurry up and get my license geese. Does it have to take forever and a day really really! Right now im working on at my dads office ugh can i say boring ! All i do is answer phones( talking to angry people who i did nothing to its not fault my dad is busy and i cant even get a word in. I just want to die. But moving here has been fun! My new singles ward is great and I am having a blast with Rebecca and my brothers. It is a little hard moving back after not living at home for a while but im finally ajusting. I am so done with living in small towns the city is diffinately where i belong!